“It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.” A group of mysterious people taunt the public and threaten mass poisonings in a case that stumped Japanese Police.

Throughout the ‘80s, Japan was in an economic and creative boom that would lay the groundwork and enable the creation and restructuring of companies and products that allowed them to become the global player they are today. During this time, though one group in particular targeted and attacked a few Japanese food companies.

This group targeted two companies known for confectionaries in particular: Glico, a company known today mainly for their product Pocky, and Morinaga, a company most popular for popularizing the trend of women giving chocolate to men on Valentine’s day in Japan.

With products focused on spreading love…

The story of a hike gone wrong

Source: WNDU

The Beginnings

Delphi, Indiana, is a small town where quietness is the norm. With less than 3,000 people in the town, it was a peaceful community. That would change on February 13th, 2017, when two girls went for a hike.

On a warm winter day Liberty German and her best friend, Abigail Williams went for a hike.

Liberty’s older sister, Kelsi, would drop both girls off at the Freedom Bridge which marked the start of the hiking trail. After walking on the trail for some time, the girls crossed a bridge. …

The murder of the Japanese office lady who moonlighted as a prostitute

Yasuko Watanabe / Source: South China Morning Post

Fated Beginnings

Born in 1957 in a well-off Japanese neighborhood, Yasuko Watanabe would go on to major at Keio University. After graduating from one of the most elite universities with a degree in economics, Watanabe joined Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). Here Watanabe became one of the few women working at the TEPCO earning almost $100,000 a year.

Watanabe spent much of her time aiming to support her mother and sister after her father had perished, so she did not have many close relations that would give insight into her personal life.

However, in 1978, her father who she adored passed away…

A smart child that loved to sing and paint, his family believed him to be their hope. A child that would one day go to school and start a career that would lift them out of poverty. In this sense, that child would be a great protector. However, this child would go on to become a monster.

Be it because of bad luck, environment, or genetics, this monster would kill 67 people, rape 29, and injure 7 others in a crime spree that lasted 3 years.

The Peaceful Monster

Born in July 1968 the ‘Monster of Henan’ was still human. The fourth of…

The Amazon Halo seems like another attempt at Amazon trying to get outside the home. Before the Halo it was the Amazon Echo Loop. Unlike Apple and Google, Amazon consistently struggles to be with their customers at all times. A wearable is a great way to get into the market, but like the Echo Loop, it is not the best at what it tries to do.

However, everything so far that Amazon is telling me about my heartbeat, tone, and body mass index seems relatively accurate. Additionally, the Halo is fun to play with once in a while.

Photo: Amazon



The Beginnings

Celebration, good will, and happiness. On September 5th, 1982 that would be all Mark Coulthurst and his family were feeling as they celebrated Mark’s 28th birthday. Ultimately, it would be one of the last things they felt.

Recently buying a new fishing boat, the Investor, Coulthurst was a hardworking man. His wife Irene was three months pregnant and he had two other kids. Five-year-old Kimberly and four-year-old John.

Credit: James Williamson

Prior to this, Coulthurst sailed into the fishing town of Craig, Alaska with his family and four of his crew members. Chris Heyman, Dean Moon, Jerome Keown, and Michael Stewart. All of…

Source: ABC Australia, The Killer Without a Face


Near the turn of the century people all over were celebrating and getting ready to celebrate the new millennium. Some, of course, were worried about Y2K, but more were focused on the festivities. However, on December 30th, 2000, the murder of a Japanese family in their home would shock the island nation of Japan.

Residing in a duplex home, the Miyazawa family was an average Japanese family. Mikio, the head of the household worked for Interbrand. His wife, Yasuko, was a teacher who often watched over the couple’s two children: Niina, their eight-year-old daughter and Rei, their six-year-old son…

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